Vegetable Planting Guide for Zone 5-6

This vegetable planting guide for Zone 5-6 will give you the information you need to plant your vegetable seeds.

between rowsin the rowRowAcre
AsparagusMar-Apr5-6 ft.18-24″1/2 oz. – 20 ft.2-3 lbs.2nd Spring
Beans,BushMay and June2-3 ft.3-4″6 oz. – 50 ft.50-60 lbs.50-70 days
Beans, PoleMay and June3 ft.4-5′6 oz. – 45 hills30-40 lbs.70-90 days
Beans, LimaMay-June2-4 ft.6-8″6 oz. – 30 hills50-60lbs.90-130 days
Beets, TableMar-July14-20″2-4″1/2 oz.- 50 ft.10-15 lbs.45-60 days
Broccoli*Mar-Aug24-30″14-18″1/2 oz. – 750 plants6-8 oz.70-120 days
Brussel Sprouts*Apr-June30-36″18-24″1/2 oz. – 1000 plants6-7 oz.90-120 days
Cabbage, Early*Feb-Apr30-36′16-24″1/2 oz. – 1000 Plants6-8 oz.90-110 days
Cabbage, Late*May and June36-42″24-30″1/2 oz. – 1000 plants6-7 oz.110-120 days
CarrotsMar-July12-24″2-3″1/2 oz. – 100 ft.3-4 lbs.65-90 days
Cauliflower*March-June3-4 ft.24-30″1/2 oz. – 750 plants6-7 oz.60-80 days
Celery*April-July18-36″6-10″1/2 oz. – 4000 plants4-5 oz.120-150 days
ChicoryMar-May, Sept16-20″6-8″1/2 oz. – 100 ft.3-4 lbs.90-120 days
ChivesApril and May12-18″4-6″1/2 oz. – 100 ft.4-5 lbs.125-150 days
Sweet ComMay-June3 ft.6″4oz. – 100 ft.12-15 lbs.60-100 days
CressMar-May, Sept12-18″4-6″1/2 oz. – 125 ft.3-4 lbs.45-60 days
CucumberMay-July4-6 ft.10-12″1/2 oz. – 25 hills2-3 lbs.50-75 days
Egg Plant*May24-30″18-24″1/2 oz. – 750 plants4-5 oz.80-100 days
EndiveMay and June18-20″10-12″1/2 oz. – 150 ft.3-4 lbs.90-100 days
Herbs, AnnualMarch and April20-24″10-12″1/2 oz. -100-300 ft.3-10 lbs.125-150 days
Herbs, PerennialApril-June20-24″10-12″1/2 oz. -100-300 ft.3-10 lbs.Next Season
KaleMar and Apr, Aug18-24″12-18″1/2 oz. -1000 plants6-8 oz.55-60 days
Kohl RabiMarch-May16-24″6-8″1/2 oz. – 150 ft.3-4 lbs.50-70 days
LeekMay-June14-20″4-6″1/2 oz. – 75 ft.4-5lbs.120-150 days
Lettuce, LeafMarch-Sept12-18″4-6″1/2 oz. – 100 ft.4-5 lbs.40-70 days
Lettuce, HeadMarch-August12-16″12-14″1/2 oz. – 1500 plants1-1 1/2 lbs.70-90 days
Muskmelon *Mav-June6-8 ft.4-6 ft.1/2 oz. – 20 hills3-5 lbs.90-150 days
Watermelon*May and June8-12 ft.6-10 ft.1/2 oz. – 12 hills4-6 lbs.85-120 days
MustardMar-May, Sept12-18″2-3″1/2 oz. – 300 ft.4-5 lbs.40-70 days
Okra*April and May4.5-3 ft.18-24″1/2 oz. – 125 plants5-6 lbs.50-70 days
Onion, SeedApril and May12-18″2-4″1/2 oz. – 100 ft.4-5 lbs.90-120 days
Onion, SetsOct-May12-18″2-3″1 lb. – 50 ft.2-3 sacks50-70 days
ParsleyMar-May, Sept.18-24″12-16″1/2 oz. – 125 ft.3-4 lbs.65-90 days
ParsnipApril-June15-20″2-4″1/2 oz. – 150 ft.4-6 lbs.95-110 days
Peas, DwarfSept, Mar-June18-24″2-3″6 oz. – 50 ft.150-175 lbs.60-75 days
Peas, TallSept, Mar-June3 ft.2-3″6 oz. – 50 ft.100-125 lbs.70-90 days
Pepper*May and June18-24″14-16″1/2 oz. – 750 plants3-4 oz.75-85 days
Potatoes, IrishMarch-June24-36′14-18″1 lb. – 15 ft.7-9 sacks90-150 days
PumpkinMay-July8-12 ft.6-8 ft.1/2 oz. – 15 hills4-5 lbs.90-120 days
RadishMarch -Sept.12-18″1-2″1/2 oz. – 50 ft.8-10 lbs.20-75 days
RhubarbMarch-June30-36″16-24″1/2 oz. – 125 ft.6-8 oz.3rd Year
RutabagaMay and June18-24″6-8″1/2 oz. – 200 ft.2-3 lbs.90-120 days
SalsifyMarch-May18-24″2-4″1/2 oz. – 60 ft.8-10 lbs.120-150 days
SpinachMar-May Sept.12-18″3-6″1/2 oz. – 50 ft.10-12 lbs.45-60 days
Squash,BushMay -June5 ft.5 ft.1/2 oz. – 15 hills4-6 lbs.55-70 days
Squash, WinterMay-July10-12 ft.8-10 ft.1/2 oz. – 7 hills3-4 lbs.90-125 days
Swiss ChardMarch-July12-18″4-8″1/2 oz. – 75 ft.6-8 lbs.45-60 days
Tomato*May-June3-4 ft.2-3 ft.1/2 oz. – 1500 ft.3-4 oz.70-100 days
TurnipMarch-August12-15″3-4″1/2 oz. – 200 ft.12-4 lbs.45-90 days


*Planting dates shown for crops marked “*” are intended to be for setting plants into the garden. Seeds should be sown 40 to 60 days earlier, indoors or under glass. Seed should be covered from three to five times its diameter. Press soil down firmly. Keep moist continuously. The above chart gives distances between rows for hand cultivation; where garden tractor is used the rows should be farther apart. Planting times are based on average seasonal temperatures in Spokane, WA (USDA Zone 5). Outdoor planting times should be adjusted for your USDA Zone.