How much does shipping cost for mail orders or internet orders?

Basic answer is: We charge you what the Shipping Companies charge us + $1.

Explanation of basic answer: Shipping is determined by the weight, dimensions of the package, and destination zip code, plus one dollar for materials and handling (box/cushioning materials/labels/employee time/etc.) There may also be other surcharges for large or fragile items. Also determining cost is which shipping company you choose to have the package shipped to you (we can ship U.S.P.S, UPS, FedEx, or Freight) Then each of these companies has different levels of service (how quickly do you need your order) ground, priority, 2nd day overnight, etc.

If you call or email us to find out the cost please be patient with us, as there is a lot of factors to determine shipping costs for each shipment. Most cases we will need to first get some basic information and then call or email you back after we have determined an estimate. Usually same day (except weekends and before 8 am PST and after 5 pm PST, as we so not staff this department on these days or before or after these times)

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