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Potato Planting Pointers

Potato Planting Pointers Some potato planting pointers to help with growing and harvesting seed potatoes. Small seed potatoes (1 to 2″ diameter) should be planted whole. Larger seed potatoes should be cut into 2″ pieces, with 2 to 3 sprouting eyes per piece, the day prior to planting. Seed pieces should be planted 10 to 14″ apart and 4 to 5″ deep for best production. For small new potatoes, plant seed pieces 8″ apart and harvest every other hill when potatoes are small.

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General Pond Info

Pond Plant Handling and Planting Instructions

Pond Plant Handling and Planting Instructions   When you get your pond plants, keep them cool and shaded until you are ready to put the plants away. Do not expose them to air or sunlight before you are prepared to deal with them. Water lilies and similar plants such as water fringe and water poppy will dry out quickly. If purchased bare root, it is best to pot them immediately. Otherwise, some exposed leaves and stems are likely to dry out and die, even if they are being floated in…

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General Garden Info

Selecting and Planting Perennials

Selecting and Planting Perennials Good information for selecting and planting perennials for your home garden. Choosing Perennials: When selecting perennials for planting, look for fresh, healthy-looking plants that appear vigorous and ready to grow. Avoid overgrown, ro ot-bound plants and any that have insects or diseases. Holding: Although perennials can be held in their containers for a short period of time, we recommend they be planted as soon as possible to avoid them drying out in the pots. The sooner you plant them, the faster they can become established in…

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