Single Ingredient Fertilizer

Bat Guano 10-3-1

  • Bat guano is just that – bat manure. Traditionally used as a fertilizer source by farmers and gardeners for many years.
  • Bat guano is still one of the most potent natural fertilizers available today.
  • An excellent general purpose fertilizer for use on plants requiring large amounts of readily available nitrogen.
  • Recommended for use on everything from annual vegetables and flowers, to perennial shrubs and trees.
  • Bat guano is an excellent fertilizer for container plants, and can be diluted into a very effective “tea”, or fertilizer solution.
Blood Meal 12-0-0

  • A superior source of fast-acting nitrogen that has been shown to outperform most other sources of nitrogen.
  • Recommended as a nitrogen source for all plantings. It is also effective as a compost activator and as an animal repellent. (Deer, squirrels, dogs, and cats.)
  • Recommended for use on all crops once a year. For nitrogen-hungry crops such as citrus, corn, and turf grasses, we advise an additional application in mid-season.
Bone Meal (Raw and Steamed) 3-15-0

  • Used by farmers and gardeners for centuries as a long-lasting source of phosphorous.
  • Widely used as a bulb food and transplanting fertilizer because of its gentle feeding characteristics.
  • It is best used at planting time or as a side dress during the growing season.
  • Raw bone meal is a slower release fertilizer and is best used for fall planting.
  • Steamed bone meal releases quicker and is best used in the spring or where faster results are desired.
Cottonseed Meal 7-2-0

  • A slow release, long-lasting fertilizer that contains all primary plant nutrients.
  • An excellent general purpose fertilizer, it is recommended for use on ornamentals, lawns, and perennial gardens. It is very effective on acid-loving plants.
  • Use only once a year at planting time for both new and established plants.
Dolomite Lime

  • Derived from a naturally occurring limestone deposit, it is an ideal amendment to use for adjusting acidic soils.
  • Provides a rich source of natural magnesium and calcium, important plant nutrients.
  • In acidic soil conditions, it is recommended to use dolomite lime once a year when preparing the planting beds or for top dressing an existing growing area to adjust the pH for the growing season.
Fish Meal

  • A slow release source of nitrogen and phosphorous, derived from fish meal.
  • Recommended for use when establishing planting beds. Be sure to incorporate thoroughly into soil well ahead of planting because of its potentially strong odor.

  • Mined from an ancient marine deposit in New Jersey, greensand is a long lasting source of potassium.
  • A slow release form of potassium.
  • Most effective when blended into the soil during bed preparation.

  • A mined product, gypsum contains 20% calcium and 16% sulfur.
  • Recommended for clay soils that compact and do not drain water. Gypsum loosens the soil allowing penetration of air and water, making the soil friable.
  • Gypsum is essentially neutral and will not impact soil pH.
Kelp Meal

  • A valuable source of potash.
  • Harvested from cold-water beds off Nova Scotia, kelp meal is recommended as a beneficial supplement to all gardening applications.
  • Use as a fertilizer supplement when preparing the planting area. Use as little as once a year for best results.
Rock Phosphate

  • Provides plants with a very long-lasting source of phosphorous.
  • Best used when preparing new garden beds. Also suggested as a phosphorous supplement in compost piles.