Northwest Medium Reptile Bedding Bark – 9 Dry Quarts


  • All natural cage substrate
  • Made from the bark of fir trees
  • Provide the perfect environment for humidity loving reptiles. Northwest Bark Reptile Bedding is an ideal substrate for humid terrariums
  • Has the ability to absorb and release moisture to assist in regulating humidity.
  • Conducts and evenly distributes heat and encourages natural burrowing and digging activity.
  • Replace with new bark whenever heavily soiled.

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Give your pet the natural temperate environment with the help of Northwest Medium Reptile Bark Bedding. This bedding helps to maintain just the right humidity levels, allows for burrowing and nesting, and minimizes odors in your terrarium.

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Weight 5.01 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 6 in