5lb Northwest Rabbit Chow


Rabbit Chow is a pelleted, highly palatable food with all the essential nutrients for growth, maintenance and reproduction. It has the right balance of protein, fiber and critical nutrients, making it an excellent food for all types of rabbits of all ages. It’s the easiest way to feed and the perfect choice for first-time rabbit owners.

Rabbit Chow rabbit food delivers consistent, superior quality nutrition that helps keep your rabbit looking great.

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Features & Benefits
100% complete daily nutrition
Complete, nutrition – no additional supplements necessary. Great for rabbits of all ages.

Essential nutrients
Proteins: contain amino acids, the building blocks of muscles, organs and fur. Vitamin A to support reproductive efficiency and vibrant eyes. Calcium & phosphorus to maintain strong bones and optimal milk production.

High palatability
Highly palatable to encourage proper intake to help support growth

High-quality plant proteins
Formulated with nutrients found only in plants that optimize vitality and support immune function

Lactobacillus, yeast & yucca shidigera
Added lactobacillus, yeast and balanced fiber to support digestive health with added yucca shidigera to aid in odor control

Utilizes a constant nutrition formulation process that automatically compensates for naturally varying nutrient levels in ingredients for great nutritional consistency. Uses a total rabbit nutrition formulation system that considers all key nutrients and their interactions with each other to support overall rabbit health.

Advanced, consistent, natural nutrition free from all fillers, preservatives and artificial colors

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Additional information

Weight 5.01 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 3.5 in

Guaranteeed Analysis

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude protein not less than 16%
Crude fat not less than 1.5%,
Crude fiber not less than 15% and not more than 20%, added minerals not more than 3%

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Feeding Instructions

Small Breed (2–3 lbs) 2–3 oz per day
Large Breed (6–10 lbs) 4–10 oz per day
Medium Breed (3–6 lbs) 3–7 oz per day
Giant Breed (10+ lbs) 6–12+ oz per day

*Control feed rabbits during first three months of life to avoid digestive upsets. Adult pet rabbits tend to overeat and lose body condition by becoming too heavy. Therefore, adjust the feeding rate to maintain a desired weight. Does will need more food (even full feed if her litter is large) to maintain body condition during lactation. Check weight and body condition of rabbits regularly.

Whenever rabbits are changed from one feeding program to another, it should be done over a five- to- seven day period to avoid digestive upsets. During this time, mix the new food with the old, gradually increasing the amount of the new food while decreasing an equal amount of the old. This will allow time for the rabbit’s intestinal micro flora to adjust to any new food. Provide plenty of clean, fresh, cool water to animals at all times. Please consult the feed tag sewn onto the bag for specific feeding recommendations.


Store in a dry, well-ventilated area protected from rodents and insects. Do not feed moldy or insect-infested food to animals as it may cause illness or death.

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