Probably one of my favorite stores. Very knowledgeable staff for your pets or plants. As a new dog Dad I really appreciate all the supplies and high quality food I need for my pup. As an aspiring gardener and landscaper I am always surprised all the plants these guys have that the big box stores do not. Plants that I’ve never even seen before. They are always offering to help me carry out big items too which is very nice and helpful.

Jason Peterson, Google Review

Great local small business. I love that it isn’t a huge chain and you can tell by how invested their employees are. Have everything you can dream of for garden and pets. Prices comparable to retail giants.

Sara Hardin, Google Review

If you don’t shop here, consider it! They have locally made items for dogs, cats and chickens. They have a ton of other stuff, but the pet supplies is why we go. Also to see the tortoise and bunnies.

Arron Thompson, Google Review