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Have a Plant, Weed, Flower, Animal, Insect, Fish, Bird, or maybe it has an issue such as a fungus or disease. Snap some pictures and upload them for us to look at! In the Comments give us the most accurate information you can about the issue or item. Northwest Seed & Pet will generally only be able to identify plants and animals from our region – The Inland Empire of the Pacific Northwest. On occasion we may need more photos, and or information to figure out the problem, or what the item is.  If we still cannot help from the photos and information, we received, we will ask for you to bring the item to either of our stores for closer inspection. Most of the times if it is a disease, we will need to put it under a microscope. Turn around for identification of your items may also take several days, as we have to deal first with the customers that are present in the store. If you’re in a hurry, it may be quicker to be one of those customers in the store.

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