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Bulk Seed Garlic now available to buy online and in our stores! First shipment of Seed Garlic has arrived and is now available to buy! More varieties to come in the following weeks. Buy online or at our retail locations. Buy now and plant after first frost…but before the ground freezes. If there’s just one thing you plant in your garden, make sure it is garlic. For one thing, it’s extraordinarily easy to grow. Plant it around Indigenous Peoples Day/Columbus Day . Cover it with mulch. Or don’t. Water it…

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Items that Northwest Seed & Pet Rents

Northwest Seed & Pet Rents the following items   SKU Description Retail 450 RENTAL ROLLER $10.00* 451 RENTAL SPREADER $8.00* 452 RENTAL HAND SPREADER (71133) $8.00* 453 RENTAL CYCLONE SPREADER (424620) $8.00* 454 RENTAL RAT & MOUSE TRAP (33214) $5.00 455 RENTAL SQUIRREL TRAP (33220) $10.00 456 RENTAL RABBIT/KITTEN TRAP (33223) $10.00 457 RENTAL RACCOON/CAT TRAP (33226) $10.00 458 RENTAL LG RACCOON/CAT TRAP (33229) $10.00 459 RENTAL LANDSCAPE RAKE (992236) $8.00 460 RENTAL PINE NEEDLE RAKE (37327) $10.00 461 RENTAL SUMP PUMP $16.00 462 RENTAL POND MUCK-VAC (18587) $10.00 463…

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