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Queen Wasps & Yellow Jackets are Appearing – Trap & Kill Then Now

Now that it is May and the temperatures are heating up, it is time to set Yellow Jacket & Wasp Traps. A Queen Wasp or Yellow Jacket can lay hundred of eggs per day after she make her nest. Setting traps now will decrease the number of Wasps and Yellow Jackets we see later in the summer. The best thing about this, is that Northwest Seed & Pet currently has traps on sale during our 75th Anniversary Sale now through May 16th, 2019 Post expires at 11:59pm on Friday May…

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Items that Northwest Seed & Pet Rents

Northwest Seed & Pet Rents the following items   SKU Description Retail 450 RENTAL ROLLER $10.00* 451 RENTAL SPREADER $8.00* 452 RENTAL HAND SPREADER (71133) $8.00* 453 RENTAL CYCLONE SPREADER (424620) $8.00* 454 RENTAL RAT & MOUSE TRAP (33214) $5.00 455 RENTAL SQUIRREL TRAP (33220) $10.00 456 RENTAL RABBIT/KITTEN TRAP (33223) $10.00 457 RENTAL RACCOON/CAT TRAP (33226) $10.00 458 RENTAL LG RACCOON/CAT TRAP (33229) $10.00 459 RENTAL LANDSCAPE RAKE (992236) $8.00 460 RENTAL PINE NEEDLE RAKE (37327) $10.00 461 RENTAL SUMP PUMP $16.00 462 RENTAL POND MUCK-VAC (18587) $10.00 463…

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Northwest Seed & Pet carries Non-GMO, Organic, Heirloom, and Hybrid variety seeds

Northwest Seed & Pet carries Non-GMO, Organic, Heirloom, and Hybrid variety seeds. Northwest Seed & Pet does not carry any genetically modified or genetically engineered seeds and our brands have taken the Safe Seed Pledge** and are listed on their website for verification. Baker Creek** Botanical Interest** Burpee Cornucopia** Ferry-Morse** Ed Hume** High Mowing Seed** Irish Eyes Kitazawa** Lake Valley** Livingston Seed** Old’s Seed Renees Garden** Northwest Seed & Pet Inc. Provides a bulk seed program, more seed for your money, using Heirloom, Hybrid, and Organic variety seeds. Northwest Seed…

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