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CYCLING AN AQUARIUM Why Cycle at All? Cycling an Aquarium is done because all living things create waste. Feces, uneaten food, and waste all build up in aquariums. The build-up of waste and excrement is what produces ammonia and nitrites which are both very painful for fish and can kill them or make them very sick. Ammonia literally burns fish. . . . similar to the type of burn you would receive from ingesting bleach or other kinds of household cleaners or acids. (This would burn your eyes, throat, nose,…

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Aquarium Filtration


ACTIVATED CARBON With activated carbon, each piece of carbon is like a little sponge that traps odors, medication residue, and dissolved fish waste. Carbon also removes discoloration in cloudy water. Activated carbon will no longer effectively absorb anything and should be replaced after about 3 or 4 weeks. To test the absorption power of carbon, take a glass of aquarium water on white paper. If the paper looks yellow through the glass, it’s time to change the carbon.

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