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Nursery Associate
Full Time
2422 E. Sprague Location
$15.75 to $15.75
80hrs. vacation after 1st year based on full time postition (40hrs. per week) I.R.A. retirement plan available after 1st year Medical Benefits available after 90 days Paid Birthday time off Washington State required minimum paid sick leave (1hr. per 40hrs. worked)

If there are currently no jobs listed here, please feel free to submit an application.  Northwest Seed & Pet is always accepting applications even if no jobs are currently listed/available.  Having your application submitted gives us a pool of applications to pick from when we first start looking to fill a position.

To submit your application:

Download and fill out our job application (Download Application button below), Don’t forget after filling out the form to save it to your computer, phone, tablet, etc.

Download Our Application


1. Print it out, fill it out, and return it to the store location that you are applying for.


2. Fill out the form below,

  1. Use the Upload box below to Attach the Northwest Seed & Pet Application that you filled out and saved.
  2. Include a Resume and/or Cover Letter (optional).
  3. Include any additional Information you wish us to consider (optional).
  4. Click the Submit button.
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