Feline Kitten and Canine Puppy Vaccines

Northwest Seed & Pet carries a selection of Vaccines for Kittens, Puppies, and to protect and vaccinate dogs from Kennel Cough.

We stock these 3 vaccines

Feline Kitten 3way Shot Vaccine
Canine Puppy 5 Way Vaccine
Kennel-Jec 2 Single Dose Vaccine

The See quantities that we have available click on the vaccine you are looking for, or click here to see all on one page.  Vaccines can only be purchased at either of of retail locations.


Best Driving Routes During Closure and Construction of East Sprague

Sprague Avenue is closed from the intersection of Sprague Ave. and Napa St. to the Intersection of Sprague Ave. and Altamont St.  Both these intersections are open but may be a little congested during Rush Hours.  We prepared this map to indicate some of the best routes to get to our store and avoid the bottle necks.


Click on Image for Larger Map