Garlic now Available

Seed Garlic is now in stock. We received in Soft Neck Garlics – California Early, Inchellium Red, Italian Late, Silver Rose, Nootka Rose, and Elephant. In Hard Necked Garlics – Spanish Roja and German Red were back ordered and should be arriving soon. We also received Dutch Yellow Shallots and Holland Red Shallots. Quantities are limited and we received numerous calls over the last several weeks. Our recommendation is to HURRY before it is gone!



Chicken Coops available at Northwest Seed & Pet


Now $50.00 off through November 15th, 2016

Chicken coops, portable, Amish construction
High quality, ingenious portable coop design, (also called chicken tractors.) Amish construction, mostly cedar. The coop and run is a single unit, mounted on two front wheels, so using its wheel-barrow type handles, you can move it around on your yard or field so the chickens have fresh scratching (for free-range eggs). 

Sku Item Reg. Price Sale Price
66807 Mels 8-9 Hen Coop No Run $600.00 $550.00
66805 Mels Small 6 Hen Coop with Run $750.00 $700.00
66806 Mels Standrd 8-9 Hen Coop With Run $850.00 $800.00

a completely enclosed wire-covered run (except 8-9 No Run), 
a ramp into the coop, 
steel roof
remote closable coop door
water-proofed coop floor
nesting boxes
wheels and handles
window and vent hatch
outside access to the nesting boxes 
hinged doors in both the coop and the run

In-Store Purchase Only.
Delivery with in Spokane area may be available on a case by case basis decided by Sprague Store Manager.


Northwest Seed & Pet carries 14 brands of Non-GMO, Organic, Heirloom, and Hybrid variety seeds

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Northwest Seed & Pet carries 14 brands of Non-GMO, Organic, Heirloom, and Hybrid variety seeds. Northwest Seed & Pet does not carry any genetically modified or genetically engineered seeds and 10 of our brands have taken the Safe Seed Pledge** and are listed on their website for verification.

Baker Creek**
Botanical Interest**
Ed Hume**
High Mowing Seed**
Irish Eyes
Lake Valley**
Livingston Seed**
Old’s Seed
Renees Garden**

Northwest Seed & Pet Inc. Provides a bulk seed program, more seed for your money, using Heirloom, Hybrid, and Organic variety seeds. Northwest Seed & Pet buys these seeds from companies also listed on the Safe Seed Pledge** list.

Wild West**
Mt. Valley Seeds**